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As a part of the UCE Incubator Programme you will have access to mentors and ongoing support to help you develop and grow your venture. Our mentors come from a range of backgrounds and industries and offer a vairety of expertise.

Dr. Rachel Wright

Rachel is the Operations Director for UCE. Rachel has managed the UCE Summer Startup Programme (previously UC Innovators) since its inception in 2013. She has extensive experience supporting and mentoring students with their own commercial and social enterprises.

You can read more about Rachel here.

Michelle Panzer

Michelle is the Incubator Manager for the UCE Incubator Programme. Michelle is a UC Alumni with degrees in both Commerce and Law. She has experience working with startups during her time at Lightning Lab Christchurch.

You can read more about Michelle here.

Geoff Brash

Geoff Brash loves the intersection of technology and business, and is a startup advisor within the Christchurch and New Zealand ecosystems. He is involed with oranisations such as GBJ Innovation, Canterbury Angels, Canterbury Tech, Ministry of Awesome and UCE.

You can read more about Geoff here.

Ben Kepes

Ben Kepes is a technology journalist and commentator. He is a globally recognized subject matter expert, passionate about technology as an enabler, and has an extensive following across multiple channels. When he isn’t out running or on an airplane, Ben can often be found working from UCE

You can read more about Ben here.

Anake Goodall

Anake is involved with a number of organisations including the Ākina Foundation, Merdian Energy, Hillary Institute of International Leadership and Enspiral. Anake has senior executive experience and acts as an independent consultant to a number of public and private sector clients. He is also an Adjunt Professor at UC.

You can read more about Anake here.

Jaya Mangalam Gibson

Jaya is involved with a number of projects including Semi-Permanent, MightyGem and Gibson Creative. Jaya is a creative strategist, serial entrepreneur and social enterprise advocate. With two decades of experience working in creative and marketing roles, he brings a range of skills and experience.

You can read more about Jaya here.

Sabine Parry

Sabine is a business owner of multiple internaitonal businesses, including numerous personal training studios, online membership platforms and direct selling activities. She is passionate about Health and Wellbeing and embraces believes in "being physically fit to run your business'. Her interests also include personal development and mentoring young people in relation to business and personal skills.

You can read more about Sabine here.

Bridget Frame

Bridget is currently embarking on her own entrepreneurial journey. Initially working in insurance and banking, Bridget has considerable experience in Corporate, Not for Profit and Grant Making and is interested in how funding decisions are made.

You can read more about Bridget here.

Bruce Ullrich

Bruce has a wealth of experience as an educator, sportsperson, entrepreneur and humanitarian. Initially from a Chartered Accountancy background, hHe is widely regarded as one of NZ's most experienced sports administrators having attending 12 Olympic & Commonwealth Games in different roles.

You can read more about Bruce here.

Reuben Rusk

Reuben is currently involved with Mindquip Limited and is experienced in areas of mental resilience and wel-being. Originally from an engineering background, Reuben now teaches people to improve their lives and well-being. His mission is to communicate helpful, scientifically sound insights in an accessible, pragmatic, and no-nonsense way.

You can read more about Reuben here.

Sunil Bhave

Sunil is currently working on launching a chat-based support site, ListeningTxt. With a background in IT and management, Sunil's core interests are in people development, team building, flat organisation structures and people related causes.

You can read more about Sunil here.

Nathan MacGregor

Nathan is a personal trainer by trade but with a passion for business and greater personal growth. His personal philosophy focuses on empowerment through education and the more information he can share with people the better. Nathan believes the ideas of entrepreneurs should be nourished and fuelled regardless of the outcome. They either become winners or learning curves. He is currently involved with Titanium Fitness, Bootcamp New Zealand, USANA Health Sciences.

Guy Faes

Guy is currently the Managing Director of Belgiumkiwi Ltd. His 30 year career has yielded considerable experience in the media industry with experience writing screenplays and production of feature films. He has spent 10 years as a freelance programme director for various European broadcasters and selling films and television programmes. Guy also has a wealth of experience as a Managing Director of five media companies, creator of interactive learning platform.

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