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Enterprise in Practice: Project (BSNS290)

BSNS290 is a new course that enables you to undertake a project for a start-up venture (your own or someone elses), local business, social enterprise or a student club! This course is available all semesters. It is listed as an anytime course which means you can take the course during semester 1 or 2 or over the summer. It also means that you can start the course anytime during the year.

If you are keen to gain some entrepreneurial and innovation skills but don’t know where to begin then this is the course for you. We can team you up with an existing student start-up or you can undertake a project for a local business or social enterprise.

If you have any questions about this course please contact Rachel Wright at rachel.wright@canterbury.ac.nz.

About the Course

The course is taught from and supported by the staff at the Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE). UCE has a dedicated space and team that supports student-run businesses and social enterprises. We support all types of ventures from just about any industry (legal of course) whether they are technology-based, small to medium business, charities, or social enterprises. Ventures can be at any stage from just an idea to bringing in revenue.

If you are part of the executive for a club that is a business or social enterprise you can undertake a project that is associated with your role on the executive as part of this course. So you can gain course for credit if you are on the executive of clubs such as entre, 180Degrees or on the UCSA executive.

Who would benefit from this course?

You will benefit from this course if you:

  • have a great idea for a new venture
  • have an existing business or social enterprise
  • want to experience what it is like to work in a start-up
  • want to solve real problems
  • want to be an entrepreneur
  • want to be part of an innovative team


What are the prerequisites?

This course is for any student who has completed 120 points at 100 level.

When is this course offered?

The course is offered every semester so there are ample opportunities through your degree to enrol in this course.

How does this course work?

The course is a bit different to a typical course at UC as the core component involves completing a 105 hour project. For students based in Christchurch there is a weekly lecture on Wednesday from 9 to 10am. These lectures are supplemented with a weekly tutorial which is specifically focused on your project. The lectures are designed to provide you with a framework and tools for your project. Please get in touch with Rachel Wright if you are working or are out of Christchurch as we can accommodate you outside of the normal lecture schedule. Topics covered include:

  • Business models
  • Market validation
  • Ethics
  • How to design a good survey
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Professional development skills
  • How to think innovatively and creatively
  • Social responsibility
  • Sales and Marketing

How is the course assessed?

For the rest of 2017 the course is a pass/fail course with no final exam. However, from January 1st 2018 the course will be graded. The assessments will not change from 2017 to 2018. There are five main assessment tasks which all need to be completed to a satisfactory level to pass this course:

  1. Professional development plan
  2. Project proposal
  3. Final report
  4. Final presentation
  5. Reflection

How do I enrol?

Current UC students can enrol via MyUC

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