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MYOB IT Challenge

The inaugural UCE Regional MYOB IT Challenge offers students a chance to win the Canterbury title and compete with students from across New Zealand in the National MYOB IT Challenge in July.

The competition consists of regional competitions, with cash prizes of $750, around New Zealand followed by a national competition held in Auckland. Winners of the regional competitions will be provided with return transportation, accommodation and the potential to win part of the $5,000 cash prize pool in Auckland.

What is the MYOB IT Challenge?

The MYOB IT Challenge is a fusion of business and technical analysis – driving real solutions for business problems throughout New Zealand. Participants compete in groups of 2–4 and are given around 5 days to prepare a written proposal and basic prototype of their solution to the given problem. Selected teams will give a 10 minute pitch, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A, to a panel of judges. The winning UC team will compete at the national finals in Auckland in July, expenses paid.

Don't forget to check out the official website for the challenge for more information.


National Competition

Hugh Baird - Part of the SafetyCheck Team

picture of Safety Check SafetyCheck

"Participating in the MYOB IT Challenge was an incredible opportunity for many reasons. The competition tested our ability to work as a team, strengthened our public speaking skills, and required us to think creatively and critically.

We were tasked to develop a new software product or service that MYOB would be able to roll out to its customers. Our team chose to create a new software product that would help small businesses manage their health and safety obligations in order to meet recent changes in New Zealand’s health and safety legislation.

After progressing through the regional qualifying round in Christchurch, we were flown to Auckland to compete in the National finals. Day One in Auckland saw us present a proposal of our developed product and provide a demonstration of how a user would interact with the software. On Day Two, we presented our business analysis, giving insights into the product’s implementation, marketing and financial viability.

The judges praised us on how our product responded to a new and emerging gap in the market, awarding us third place in the competition.

Spending two days in Auckland, all-expenses paid, was an exciting opportunity. It was a great feeling being able to represent the University of Canterbury and it was fun to network with the other competitors and industry guests."

Fiona Ambler - Part of the GYOB Team

picture of GYOB GYOB

"The MYOB IT Challenge required us to present a solution for a business problem faced by many SMEs. We undertook comprehensive market research and discovered that small business owners identify the time investment required in managing their inventory as a major pain point.

Utilising augmented reality, we developed a tool that recognises the physical features of a product, which when used in conjunction with the inventory database helps to eliminate the time sinks of inventory management: stocktakes, ordering, and forecasting.

We were impressed with the challenge and creative freedom provided by MYOB for this project, and are thrilled with our second place result. The high calibre of business applications using emerging tech from the other teams is extremely exciting - I can’t wait to see these ideas developed and put into practice!"

Regional Competition

Yellow Team Purple Team Red Team

This year was the second ever MYOB IT Challenge to include regions outside of Auckland. The University of Canterbury had a total of 18 students working in five teams. Students were from across the unviersity and included undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Starting from the 3rd of May, students were given five days to build and IT based solution relating to either managing a business, legal aspects of managing people, or growing a business.

On Wednesday the 10th of May, teams presented to a panel of judges, including:

  • Dr. Rachel Wright - Operations Manager, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Nelly Todorova - Lecturer, UC Accounting and Information Systems
  • Jo Tozer - Australia/New Zealand Sales & Services Manager, MYOB PayGlobal
  • Scott Gardiner - New Zealand Business Divsion Sales Manager & Strategic Programs Manager, MYOB
  • Craig McGuff - Platform Delivery Manager, MYOB


Gold Consulting GYOB MYOB Participants and Judges

The first team to present was the Yellow Team with students Dan Chan, Hugh Baird and Stephan Hofmann. The Yellow Team presented their conceptual design for the MYOB Safety Check which helps small businesses better manage their Health & Safety compliance. The judges said that this product was "topical and of practical benefit" and the team were awarded a place in the finals!

Second up was the Purple Team with Champy, Charan Chakravarthi and Timila Shetty. This team presented two concepts, the MYOB BO (Business Optimisation) and the MYOB VR (Virtual Reality). Judges commended this team on their excellent marketing plan.

The third to present was the Red Team with Heyang Li, John He, Ryan Ong and Yuan Cui. The Red Team put forward their prototype of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Facebook to allow MYOB clients to work more efficiently. The judges considered the Red Team's pitch to be the “most entertaining presentation" and could tell they worked together well, and that they had built something!

Gold Consulting was the fourth team to present and included students Anna Hendrie, Bejen Patel, Nina Husain and Oliver Tyro. This team presented their “Photo to Bill” prototype which takes scanned invoices and receipts and auto-imputs the information into accounting software. The judges said that this was a "very clear solution" and was the "best pitch" as it was "simple and to the point".

The final team to present were Grow Your Own Business (GYOB) with Logan Williams, Prasanth Sasukumar, Fiona Ambler and James Kay. This teaem presented their conceptual design for Uplink—a plugin for users to; advertise; connect with other companies, and; benchmark against competitors. Judges were excited about this idea, in saying that it has “real potential! Especially in the AR space". Judges were also impressed with the team's initiative to go and talk to customers. Consequently, GYOB was also awarded a place in the finals.

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