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In Niue: Day Nine

Wednesday 6 July, 2016
Kent Stewart

It is the day before our big potluck event and things are starting to get very busy. The morning started off with Charles, Lavea and I wrangling a trailer off the high commissioner and then heading off to the other side of the island to collect some firewood. We got out the chainsaw and loaded up the trailer and ute deck with a recently felled hardwood tree. Immediately after this we rushed back to the Taoga Niue to light an umu for the first time. After preheating the oven (heating up the rocks), we placed the fish parcels inside, to be baked in preparation for the potluck the next day.

After this Charles, Lynsey, Hele and Lavea headed off into the forest in the ute in search for coconuts, while dodging big spiders. Charlotte, Vaea and I stayed at the Taoga Niue and had a go at the large hardwood logs with an axe. When the others got back the team headed off to the Niue Honey factory, where we were kindly given a tour on how the famous Niue honey is processed. Niue has the purest breed of Italian bees! At the end we managed to each score ourselves a jar of the famous honey, in the rawest form it comes.

We finished off the day with burgers, with the UC Alumni present on Niue. A nice way to end a very busy day.

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