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In Niue: Day Six

Sunday 3 July, 2016
Sima Bagheri

Sundays are observed as a day of rest in Niue so as a group we happily followed this tradition. We did however attend the local church in the morning with Birtha, one of our Niuean contacts who had invited us to join her. We had been told that church in Niue is a different experience for a woman if she is wearing a hat so Birtha had even brought along some spare hats to lend to the girls in the group to ensure that we didn’t miss out.

After church we visited the renowned ‘Washaway Café’ in Avatele for lunch. The place was decorated with signed t-shirts nailed to the rafters. We added to the décor with a 21 Day Pacific Challenge shirt signed by the team and headed off exploring.

The Matapa chasm was our chosen tourist spot for the day and on arrival, Kent and Hele decided to visit the Talava Arches, some spectacular limestone formations a short walk down the coast. The chasm itself was a beautiful snorkelling spot with lots of fish and some beautiful scenery.

After a delicious tuna dinner, we visited the Matavai Resort, the only resort on the island. We enjoyed a relaxing drink by the pool with the sound of the waves loudly crashing on the cliffs below. After having a jam at the yacht club a few nights earlier, Lynsey had arranged for Vaea and I to play a few songs and Charlotte even got up and made a debut performance! A few of us stayed up playing games for a while when we got home but we all hit the hay pretty early as the working week starts tomorrow and it’s gonna be a busy one!

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