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In Niue: Day Five

Saturday 2 July, 2016
Charles Tevi

After a very exhausting two days of working with “Jacky” (The Jack hammer), breaking up “The Niuean Rock” (limestone) for the Taumafa Community kitchen structure, we were finally able to put the roof on the kitchen.   

The team set off to the Taoga Niue early in the morning to help Tai (the builder) put up the rafters and the iron steel roofs for the Taumafa kitchen. The tasks were split up between the boys and girls. The boys were building with Tai and the girls, along with Sussie and Glen were burning the tar from the steel drums, getting them ready to be used for the umu pits. Nailing the iron panels to the rafters wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, especially getting the nails on the right spot, without creating unnecessary holes on the kitchen roof.  We finished putting up the roof at around lunch time. Unfortunately, Tai and Lavea had a dart game to attend that the kitchen work had to stop at 12 mid-day.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much chilling out exploring the untouched natural beauty of Niue. The team went out snorkelling at one of the most spectacular rock pools in Niue, called Limu.  It was low tide when we got there, which was the perfect time to explore, taking selfies and photos of the beautiful coral and the diverse marine life in the water. Later in the afternoon we went to the Scenic Matavai Resort, where we swam in the pool and enjoyed resort life for a few hours.

Just before the sun set, the boys set off to join the Fijian Community for a kava session at the Deputy Principal’s place.  We received a warm welcome from the Deputy Principal and learned a bit of their traditional way of drinking kava, like clapping your hands every time you want to have another shell of kava. It was a first time experience for some us to have a taste of the muddy water and getting their mouths numb from the kava. After the Kava session we came back to the back packers for dinner and topped the night off with cards against humanity.

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