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In Niue: Day Four

Friday 1 July, 2016
Kent Stewart

Friday morning kicked off with an early 5:30am start to the local market. The market was bustling with people from all across Niue purchasing fresh local cuisine. The team managed to score some amazing Niuean porridge (Nane), fresh fish, uga (Coconut crabs), passionfruit and cucumber. With some delicious Nane in us, we then headed off to the Niue High School Athletics opening, where we witnessed some creative and entertaining marching.

After this Charles, Hele, Charlotte and I meet up with our old friend Jackie the jack hammer again and started creating the holes for the umu pits. We were then pleasantly interrupted by hearing Sima’s voice on radio responding to questions about our projects in Niuean. Didn’t know she understood Niuean…..

Once the sun was high, and we were sweating profusely, we decided to go for a swim at an idyllic rock pool in a shoreline cave, where we found Scarface! (from finding nemo). Our rock pool exploration was abruptly cut short, as we had a 4x100m relay race to compete in at Niue High School. Turns out we were the only team to have the fast white lightening in it, however this was still not fast enough to beat the senior boys team.

Charles and I, then headed back to the Taogo Niue to put up the rafters in the lasting hours of the day. We then joined the school for a very deserving swim at the wharf, using their make shift rope swing from the boat launch crane. Finishing the day off with an amazing seafood dinner of uga, raw fish and octopus.

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