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In Niue: Day Three

Thursday 30 June, 2016
Helena Power

One would think that we would be used to the noise of the roosters by now, however, this morning was no different than yesterday and we were up at the crack of dawn drinking our first fresh coconut of the day. 

The boys were abruptly out the door to start their first day on the traditional kitchen building site. The girls on the other hand were treated to a slower paced morning, popping into shops to meet some of the lovely community members, before off to visit the boys. It immediately became clear on our arrival to the building site that the boys had a huge effort ahead of them, with the jackhammer permanently in their hands, trying to dig into the ground... giving us a true understanding of why they call this place "The Rock". The afternoon saw us all disperse to different meetings with the hospital, education department, parliamentary administration services and finally all coming together to meet with New Zealand's High Commissioner to Niue, Ross Ardern. 

After a quick freshen up we all headed of to happy hour, while Kent and Charles went to concrete the posts on the kitchen into the holes they had been digging all day. With the boys off finishing their posts competition really heated up, as we headed off to play what would have to be one of the most incredible mini golf courses any of us had ever played. With a cocktail in hand we took on the rival group of Otago students, who have been on the island for the past ten days. Competition was tight, with several hole in ones being made as we putted our way through the awesome course made from the coral reef. After a close win for Canterbury we headed off to Glen's (our designated chef) lodge to top off the night with a New Zealand styled BBQ.

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