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In Niue: Day One

Tuesday 28 June, 2016
Sima Bagheri

It was an early morning for team EduKai, who were up and ready to depart from Christchurch to the Pacific Island, Niue at 5.00am. There was an exciting buzz amongst the group, as we set out on day 1 of 10 for our 21 Day Pacific Challenge initiative.

Our arrival into Niue was full of warm welcomes, with plenty of leis placed around our necks. After we picked up our rental cars we were off to the backpackers (strategically located above the yacht club), and the competition was on for calling shot gun on who was going to have which bed. Lynsey, who has family on Niue, had arranged for some fresh drinking coconuts, Ota (delicious Niuean raw fish meal) and taro to be delivered to our accommodation before our arrival, which was greatly appreciated having spent our morning traveling to a hot and humid climate. Feeling refreshed, we embraced the opportunity to briefly explore after sorting out our essential Niuean drivers’ licenses and sim cards. We took this opportunity to go and visit the wharf, where we met some friendly local fishermen who let us have a turn with their rods. This was a much different fishing experience to any other we had ever experienced as the clarity of the water was absolutely amazing and you could see all of the fish you were trying to angle.

We had arranged to have an informal meet and greet with some of our key contributors at the yacht club. It was so nice to finally put faces to some of the names that we have been emailing so much. This gave us an opportunity to hand out a couple of preview copies of Volume 1 of our cookbook and received some really positive feedback. Dinner was spent at the local sushi and pizza restaurant, where we were served fresh Niuean fish caught only 2 hours previously, which topped off our first afternoon in Niue perfectly. Tomorrow will be a big day for us as we will be meeting with all of our connections more formally, so it will be an early night for us this evening.

Niue out.

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