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21 Day Pacific Challenge: Week Two

Monday 23 May 2016

Week two of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge has been and gone, with only two more days until the Challenge ends. Teams are racing against the clock to get their business cases ready for submission before they begin preparation for their presentations on Friday the 27th of May.

Team One

Anshni Kumar

The second week has gone by and we are all starting to get know each other better. Our ideas are beginning to fall into place, and we starting to see a clear picture of how our project will function and support the Niuean community and their food produce.  We have arranged for a meeting with our cultural mentor and have finalized our ideas.


Team Two

Bethany Mackintosh

This week we have consulted with many Niueans and enjoyed Skying them. We think this has helped in our project and has made it very relevant to them. We have been interested to learn what current projects are happening within the island. We hit a challenge early in the week and changed our design slightly. We are now at the final write up stage and looking forward to presenting our idea to the judges.  

The AgriLearn Team  

Team Three

Emily Peach

It's almost over! It's been a whirlwind of a week, sometimes with more questions than answers, but we're looking forward to writing up our report and getting a full business plan down. We're excited for our idea, how we can make a positive difference, and can't wait to show this to the judges!


Team Four

Helena Power

Here at the Pacific Pink Panther’s Headquarters this week we were delighted to host the “Kent and Sima Show”. Their debut performance was a little engineered, however time and research has proven their ability as social entrepreneur’s and have adapted to the business way of life. After late nights in The Centre for Entrepreneurship and some terrible jokes we have made numerous breakthroughs into the Niuean culture and our personal growth as a group. In our Niue of thinking we have not only solved food sustainability in Niue but have also managed to find time to solve world hunger and climate change. That’s about as much as we can really share for now… can’t be giving any trade secrets away at this crucial stage of the challenge. See you all on judgment day!

Team Five

Kane Williams

Fakaalofa lahi atu everyone!

The first week was us getting to know each other, getting a grip on the problem, and finding out what we can about the community.

This week on the other hand has been communicating with the locals, many discussions, and trying to nail a solution.

It has been much busier than the first week, and we are currently packing rations of taro for several all nighters next week. But do not fret do not fear, we are hardy and strong, (like the taro), and the longer we do this project, the stronger it appears that we become.

We are proud to announce that we have upgraded from a team of 4, and have received a new 5th member! Having an extra team member has proven invaluable. Unfortunately, however, he could not make it to the photo so I drew a replacement.

Catch us next week when we present our solution! Good luck to everyone else!

Team New-Way 4 Niue

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