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21 Day Pacific Challenge: Week Three

Monday 30 May 2016

The third and final week of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge has come to an end. All the teams have done incredibly well and have grown professionally and personally over the past three weeks. Last Friday the finalists were announced (Team 1, 2 and 4) who will present tonight to compete for an all-expenses paid trip to Niue to impliment their business plan.

Team One

Anshni Kumar

The 21 Day Challenge is about to come to an end, no more stressful late nights in the UCE department. We are both excited and anxious to present on the final judging night. We look forward to discovering the results on Monday night.
Good luck to all the teams.

Team One.


Team Two

Bethany Mackintosh

This has been the longest week which has been seen in the amount of caffeine we have needed.

With the report due in on Wednesday night we had a very busy start to the week. It was nice to see all the teams in the Centre of Entrepreneurship at 12.05am on Thursday. 

We then spent the last part of the week practicing for our presentation. We had some great ideas on how to bless the judges ears including the backing of a gospel choir. However, these ideas did not go much further. 

We were excited to see the other teams. We are proud of what we have accomplished and think all the teams including the two teams which did not get through had great ideas and should be proud of what they have accomplished 

We are looking forward to Monday and that no matter the outcome Niue is the real winner.


Agrilearn Team 

Team Three

Emily Peach

It's been late nights, Disney sing-alongs, one Wastage Bin and a lot of laughs. Congratulations to all the Teams we can't wait for Monday night. We'll take the memories and maybe see you next year. Signing out for the last time - Team Dirt Cheap.



Team Four

Kent Stewart

With the amount of effort and time that we have put into the last three weeks, we were relieved to be announced that we made it to the finals. Our group has really come together in the last week, with group dinners and trips to the supermarket that became a part of our daily routine. 
We have really valued our mentors’ time; they have been a prominent part of the team and could not have got as far without them. 
We wish the teams all the best for the finals see you there!

Team Five

Darlene Arian

Fakaalofa lahi atu everyone!

At last we are at the final week of this challenge! Build up workload and trying to finish off the final bits of the report. There has definitely been a few (maybe alot?) late nights for us but we pulled through and finished a good fight to the final minute, literally (11.59pm). Then it was time to prep for the presentation.

We can all agree that this has definitely been a good fun run. A good experience – we learnt so much on 21 days compared then our actual studies!

We would like to acknowledge our mentors and Niuean locals for dedicating their time in guiding us. Congratulations to all teams for making it this far. Though some will go further, everyone did a phenomenal job in their presentation with their awesome ideas.
Kia monaina,

Team Lanu Moana out (peace)


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