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21 Day Pacific Challenge: Week One

Monday 16 May 2016

Week one of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge has flown by. Here, each of the teams shares what they have been working on over the last week, the challenges they have faced, and what they are planning on achieving over the remaining days.

Team One

Anshni Kumar

Our team has come together for the 21 Day Challenge. Each team member is different; we all have our own areas of expertise. We work well together, and came up with good ideas. At first we were all very excited but also overwhelmed with the challenge. Managing Uni and the 21 Day Challenge started becoming a difficulty, but once we developed our action plan everything started falling into place.

Team Two

Bethany Mackintosh

With being nearly at the halfway mark we are fine tuning our ideas and getting some involvement from the Niuean community before we finalise our ideas. We are looking forward to having a focus group with some of the residents of Niue and getting their opinions on our ideas. We are hoping to have confirmed our ideas by the end of the weekend and start on the report on Monday.

Team Three

Tom Collins

It has been a really full on week for Team Three. Managing our respective academic workloads and working on the challenge is definitely a big test. This week we are starting to get to know each other better and having a few laughs as well as getting a clearer picture of our plan to help the Niuean community. On a sad note our cultural mentor Tufuga Lagatule is in hospital at the moment so we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery. That’s all from Team Three this week.

Team Four

Charlotte Mee

The first week has started off with a fizz, bang and a pop, just kidding we culled the idea of a brewery pretty quickly. 25 students, 30 mentors forming five groups to assist the Niuean community to conserve, protect and sustainably manage its food supply with a view to becoming self-sufficient.

It has been a week lacking in university work, while avoiding all other assignments our focus turned to Niue. Our group has come together quickly in a small space of time, I guess that is expected when you decide to have meetings over dinner while discussing sustainable food concepts. Many ideas have been churned out but we will have to see if any have the potential for success.

Much more is to come from Team 4 or The Pacific Pink Panthers as majority of the group like to call ourselves.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Team Pink.

Team Five

Darlene Adrian

Fakaalofa lahi atu everyone!

We kicked off last Thursday evening with 5 teams of different backgrounds challenged with assisting the Niuean community and their food security. Challenge accepted.

We are currently a team of four, but luckily we are a strong bunch and as the saying goes, great minds thinks alike. The first week has been like a tropical cyclone for us. We are in the early stages of getting to know each other, grasping a cultural understanding of the Niuean community around their food produce, and just letting our creative ideas flow to potential business plans. We have also  established a few ground rules, delegated jobs and contacted our mentors for their input.

It is just a matter of time of narrowing our infinite possible solutions. Let the countdown continue! Kia monuina to other teams as well!

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