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10 Reasons to Apply for the Summer Startup Programme

Thursday 11 August, 2016
Hannah Watkinson

Applications for the Summer Startup Programme are now open, and you have until midday on the 15th of September to apply. Previous students can’t speak more highly of the Programme, so here are 10 reasons you should apply based on what our alumni have said!

1 The best Summer ‘job’

With the University year nearing an end, it can be stressful deciding what to do with your Summer break, and everyone wants to find a balance between working and having time to socialise and spend time doing things you enjoy. The perfect combination of this is working in a social environment, with like-minded people, on an idea that you love and are passionate about. Really, it will feel nothing like a ‘job’ at all! Sure beats stacking shelves in a supermarket….

2 Try new things in a low-risk environment

There’s a quote in the Centre for Entrepreneurship that says “Start a business while you are young. You have few commitments and are used to living off Ramen Noodles” - Dr. Sebora. You get to explore a potential business idea you may have, while gaining a better understanding of all that comes with starting a business while you are in a low-risk environment. At no other time in your life will it be any less scary than it is while part of the Summer Startup Programme!

3 Exercise your mind

Going from a structured course that involves lectures and tutorials to something self-directed will get you thinking about problems and nuisances that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered, and learning ways to solve these and to help the people around you can be rewarding. Expanding your thinking by exploring new ideas, and working on something at your own pace through the Summer Startup Programme means that no two days are the same, and your brain will thank you for using it to it’s full potential!

4 Have a great place to go to work

The incubator/office space at UCE is a vibrant, exciting place to be each day. Complete with ping pong table, snacks, tea and coffee, inspirational quotes and team-building activities, as well as Happy Hour every Friday - we can’t think of a better workplace! You’ll achieve far more in this dedicated space than you could working from home, or from the library, and there’s always someone around who is keen for a laugh or a chat.

5 Get to be your own boss

There comes a point when you get sick of answering to people, or always doing what you’re told. Taking on the responsibility of leading your own future sets you up for a great opportunity to work hard, which gets you closer to achieving the lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of! Through the Summer Startup Programme you get equipped with the tools necessary to pave your own way, through business mentoring and the help of supportive facilitators.

6 Make new friends

Students from every faculty in the University apply for the Summer Startup Programme, so you’ll be surrounded by people from outside of your normal university circle. Working alongside motivated individuals is great encouragement to aim for goals and work hard - and the culture that comes with this is pretty special. Past students suggest that it’s been the best summer of their lives - the bonds formed don’t disappear when 5pm Friday rolls around!

7 Mingle with the top dogs of companies you see on TV

The community involved with the Centre for Entrepreneurship is huge, and it is likely that there will be an easily accessible contact in the field that you’re interested in, or an area that you need advice from. This access to industry experts is incredibly valuable when growing a venture - and being introduced to a seemingly intimidating figure that you’ve heard about on television or read about in the newspaper is a lot less daunting than cold-calling, or having to make that connection yourself.

8 Be inspired

Throughout the programme, seminars and workshops are held by business people, entrepreneurs and mentors from all walks of life. As well as business lessons, these successful people share life lessons and inspiring stories about where they have come from, and what they have achieved - and how they achieved it. These people are often regulars on the ‘road less traveled’ and they are great encouragement to forge your own path - like you, they’ve realised that they probably don’t have what it takes to sit back and be average!

9 It doesn’t end here

Participating in the Summer Startup Programme sets you up for a wealth of opportunities moving forward, outside of the 10 weeks based at UCE. Accelerators that alumni have gone on to participate in include Unreasonable Labs, Webstock, Lightning Lab and Vodafone Xone. The success that they have had in getting into these programmes can often be attributed to refining pitches and gaining confidence through the Startup Programme! These are great opportunities for exposure to different industries. There are also international trips which applicants have an advantage in applying for, to events such as Entrepreneurship Avenue in Vienna to gain an understanding of start-ups coming out of Europe.

10 And you could get paid to do it!?

As if the reasons that have already been listed weren’t enough, the Summer Startup Programme can come with a $5000 scholarship! This could mean that you’re sorted for rent, groceries, petrol - you could have your expenses covered, giving you more time to work on your idea without having to worry about finding a job to support yourself for the summer.


Find out more about the Summer Startup Programme and how to apply here.

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