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21 Day Pacific Challenge Teams

The Selection Panel, consisting of four academic advisors, met on the 27th of April to determine the successful applicants and palce them into teams. Students were allocated to a team based on their studies to ensure that each team had a diverse pool of knowledge and represented each of the five colleges.

The student teams for the 21 Day Pacific Challenge were announced on the 5th of May at the official Launch, where the students and their mentors met each other for the first time.

Team One | Team Two | Team Three | Team Four | Team Five

Team One

Samuel Lam

Hi, I am currently in my third year of university studiying mechanical engineering. I wanted to be a part of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge because I saw it as a unique opportunity to apply my learning and make a real positive impact on a community.

Danya Vadakkoot

I am a third year international student, studying towards a Commerce degree in Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Hailing form India and thriving in new Zealand, I was quick to realise my purpose in life; to give back to society and better the world in my own little way.

Louis Go

Hello! I'm studying towards a BSc in Chemistry and Geography. I've been involved with the Student Volunteer Army from 2011 to 2015 and this involvement has lef me to a lot of opportunities which helped me realise my passion in helping communities through volunteer work or being a social entrepreneur.

Anshni Kumar

My name is Anshni Kumar; most people call me "Ashni". I am currently in my third year at the University of Canterbury, studying non-clinical Health Sciences. I want to be a part of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge in Niue because I am passionate about Pacific and Pacific Youth Health and Wellbeing.

John Whitcombe

Kia ora! I'm in my fourth year at university studying towards a LLB and a BA. I have always had an interest in global problems and humanitarian programs. I have a Pacific family connection and would love to be involved in bringing a pragmatic solution to an island community.

Team Two

Ben Cartwright

Hi team. Currently I am studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, being in my third year. I am an active member of EWB and UC Greens, passionate about conservation and looking for more opportunities to do humanitarian work.

Bethany Mackintosh

I am a commerce student in my third year and am planning on graduating in December with a triple major in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Management. After interning and working for New Zealand Red Cross I want to take every opportunity given to me to make a difference.

Emma McCone

Hey I'm Emma! I'm currently in my third year working towards finishing my Bachelor of Science majoring in Geogrraphy. It has been through my studies in Geography and interest in disaster management that I am inspired to take up this opportunity.

Fiza Azizi

Hi! I'm currently studying in my second year of university, studying commerce in accounting. I've always believed that the world can be a better place, that WE are the ones who can make it happen - and so this is me making it happen.

Ricky Nath

Hi! I'm in third year of university, studying towards a BCom majoring in Accounting and Finance. Coming from a Fijian background and seeing the issue in Fiji first hand, it's really confirmed my ambition to be able to make a positive impact to the people in need.

Team Three

Harry Gates

Hi, I am in my second pro year of Natural Resource engineering. I love problem solving and if it helps out that's even better. I am interested in sustainability and water and energy management.

Emily Peach

Hi I'm in my seventh year of study, doing Honours in Linguistics. I have been involved in numerous campus activities including starting a club in 2011 (that's still going!). Last year I volunteered in South Africa and it sparked an interest in localised assistance.

Tara Dalefield

I'm a fourth year student doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Physics. I've always been passionate about humanitarian causes and volunteering, whether by taking part in marches to Parliament or by tutoring high school students. I also love math, physics, science fiction and other geeky pursuits.

Tom Collins

Hi everyone! I'm a second year BA student studying Political Science and History. I'm participating in the 21 Day Pacific Challenge because I see the Pacific as our backyard and the people living within it as our neighbours and I want to be a part of an effort to improve their lives.

Ana Avia-O'Connor

Hi, I'm a third year student doing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, and come from a Samoan background. I'm really looking forward to being a part of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge.

Team Four

Kent Stewart

Hi, I'm in my second year of postgraduate studies towards a PhD in Bio-Engineering. Through being the head RA at Bishop Julius Hall and researching health care, I have observed the positive influence a person can have on someone's life and want to apply this to less fortunate people.

Charlotte Mee

Hello! I am in my third and final ear at UC, studying a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance. I am th epromotions manager of entré - an entrepreneurial club for students. While studying marketing I have come to understand that making a positive and sustainable future is important for every business.

Helena Power

Hello, I have recently started a MCom in Marketing, having completed a BA in Art History and Anthropology and a BCom in Marketing. My interests lie in community and stakeholder engagement, as well as social responsibility, which has inspired me to apply for the 21 Day Pacific Challenge.

Sima Bagheri

I'm in my first professional year of Chemical Engineering. Before university, I was a musician in the NZ Army and worked in training and systems. I'm excited for the opportunity to help make a lasting positive change whilst experiencing different cultures during my time at UC.

Charles Tevi

Hello, I'm in my third year at the University of Canterbury, majoring in Geology. Coming from a small island like Niue and facing some of the same challenges that people in Niue are going through (environmentally, economically and socially) strikes me to get involved in this 21 Day Pacific Challenge as it will be a good opportunity to share, and also learn from others, different measure on how to go about addressing these issues at present and in the near future.

Team Five

Darlene Adrian

Helloooo! Originally from Malaysia and grew up in Christchurch, I'm a fourth year student studying towards and postgrad in Environmental Science. Having colunteered in various activities through the community led to my passions and I believe sharing knowledge is a powerful key to changing the world. My motto: 'Start small, dream big'.

Kane Williams

I am a fourth year doing my BSc in Philosophy, Compuer Science and Mathematics. Prior to this challenge I went on exchange to Uppsala Sweden, and through that (and further travels) learnt of ways to make positive change to the world. I am passionate about Schopenhauer, Improv and Education.

Dominic O'Connor

Guten Tag! I'm in my fifth year of study towards a BE(Hons) and BCom here at good ol' UC. Having been involved in Engineers Without Broders and having an interest in business development, I am keen to try and use my skills to make a difference through the 21 Day Pacific Challenge.

James Bell

Hi, I'm a third year student studying Commerce. I enjoy applying analytical thinking towards problems like this to find a solution. I come from a farming background so this is right up my alley.

Olivia Shimansaki

Hello, I am a third year student in the College of Arts studying towards a double major in Anthropology and Human Services. I wanted to be a part of the 21 Day Pacific Challenge because I am passionate about creating positive change and making a difference for communities.


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